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At Diamond Cutter Classics

Our dedication lies in celebrating ancient wisdom through the power of translation.

Our mission is to unite a global community of enthusiasts, offering free access to each translation session.

We envision a platform that not only supports the preservation of these timeless books but also fosters a profound appreciation for ancient wisdom, sharing it worldwide.

We warmly welcome you to be a part of this journey by supporting our program.

We invite you to participate in our Good Night Club by making any monthly contribution.

Welcome to the Good Night Book Club

A community dedicated to support Diamond Cutter Classics translations

Any person making any monthly contribution will be considered a part of the Good Night Book Club

As part of this club, you will receive enlightening books and/or other materials that encourage you to read, reflect, and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

For those contributing a USD $30 a month or more, we will send a special bag and lock to stow away your devices for the night.

Please support our project. Thank You!

Each night

We encourage you to put away your laptop, phone, and TV remote and read a few pages before bed

When you wake up, keep the wisdom going by meditating on what you read.

Good Night Book Club members

Will also have the opportunity to get personally involved with translating, by proofreading short pieces of in-progress translations or assisting with translating from English to your language.

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